How can I see documents I find in the catalogue?

If access is not restricted (details of any restrictions should be given in the catalogue entry), you can view records in our searchroom. Please ensure you have noted the reference(s). See the Record Office main page for details about visiting us.

How can I obtain copies of documents I find?

Photocopies or digital copies of most items in the collections can be supplied, subject to copyright or other restrictions, including the condition and format of the original. For further details and order forms, please see our Copy Service page.
Alternatively, if you are visiting us, you can purchase a permit to use your own camera.

I’m sure you hold the records I’m looking for – why can’t I find them?

The records may not have been listed yet or added to the online catalogue. Please see ‘What is in the catalogue?’.
It may also be worth trying different search terms. Searching the database will only find the exact words used in the catalogue. It is often best to start by searching for one word (such as a surname) – less can prove to result in more.
Personal and place names may vary in spelling and format, so you may need to try entering alternative spellings in order to find all relevant records.
A useful tool is the ‘wildcard’ asterisk. Please see the ‘Search Help’ section for details of this and other search methods and options available.
If you are unable to find the records of interest, please contact us.

Why can’t I see images of documents in the catalogue?

At present, the catalogue contains written descriptions of the documents we hold and not digital images of them – except for a selection in the ‘Image Gallery’ and ‘What’s New’ sections.
In due course, we intend to increase the number of images by adding copies to certain catalogue records.
For larger collections of images available to view and buy, see Image Leicestershire.

I’m unable to visit the Record Office in person – how can I obtain more information from the documents I’ve found listed?

Please contact us for advice. You could also use our short search service or, for extended research, employ a private record agent. For more details, please click here.

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