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DescriptionSection I Administration of Justice at Quarter Sessions.
QS1 Commission of the Peace
QS2/ Oaths and Qualifications of the Justices of the Peace
QS2/1/ Writs of Dedimus Potestatem
QS2/2/ Justices' Oath Rolls
QS2/3/ Oath Rolls
QS2/4/ Justices' Oaths
QS2/5/ Qualification Oaths
QS2/6/ Correspondence and other papers
QS3 Sessions Rolls
QS4 Sessions Bundles
QS5/ Court Minute Books
QS5/1/ Main Series
QS5/2/ Minutes of Second Court
QS6/ Court Order Books
QS6/1/ First Series
QS6/2/ Second Series
QS7 Presentment Books
QS8/ Jurors
QS8/1/ Freeholders Books
QS8/2/ Parish Returns of Jurors
QS9/ Quarter Sessions Note-books
QS9/1/ Court Note-books of Chairman of Quarter Sessions
QS9/2/ Other Court Note-books
QS10 Depositions
QS11/ Fines imposed by Justices
QS11/1/ Estreats of Fines
QS11/2/ Returns of Fines to Treasury
QS11/3/ Writs of Distringas
QS12/ Presentments and Traverses
QS12/1/ Presentments
QS12/2/ Traverses
QS13/ Transportation
QS13/1/ Orders
QS13/2/ Bonds
QS13/3/ Miscellaneous Papers
QS14 Insolvent Debtors
QS15 Petty Sessions
QS16/ Appointments
QS16/1/ Chairman & Deputy Chairman of Quarter Sessions
QS16/2/ Court Shorthand Writers
QS16/3/ Correspondence
QS17/ Summary Jurisdiction Appeals Committee
QS17/1/ Minutes
QS17/2/ Depositions
QS17/3/ Correspondence and Papers
QS17/4/ Registers of Appeals
QS18/ County Rating Appeals Committee
QS18/1/ Minutes
QS18/2/ Rating Appeals Files
QS19 Miscellaneous Judicial Papers
Section II Administrative Functions
QS25/ County Buildings
QS25/1/County Rooms
QS25/2/The Castle
QS25/3/The Magazine
QS26/ Finance Committee
QS26/3/Correspondence and Papers
QS27/ County Rates
QS27/1/Minutes of County Rate Assessment Committee
QS27/2/Returns of Parish Revaluations, 1837
QS27/3/Returns of Union Assessment Committees
QS27/4/Miscellaneous Papers
QS28 Crop Returns
QS29 Poor Relief
QS30/ Highways and Bridges
QS30/2/Bridge Contracts
QS30/3/Reports on County Bridges
QS30/4/Divisional Reports on County Bridges
QS30/5/Special Reports by County Surveyor
QS30/6/Miscellaneous Papers
QS30/7/Miscellaneous Plans of Turnpike Roads
QS31/ County Police
QS31/1/ High Constables and Special Constables
QS31/2/ Minutes of Police Committee
QS31/3/ Police Accounts
QS31/4/ Correspondence and Papers
QS32/ County Gaol and House of Correction
QS32/1/ Minutes and Orders
QS32/2/ Administration
QS32/3/ Buildings
QS32/4/ Keepers of Prisons
QS32/5/ Rules and Regulations
QS32/6/ Juvenile Reformatories
QS33 Corn Rents
QS34 Prevention of Cholera
QS35/ Diseases of Animals
QS35/1/ Minutes
QS35/2/ Papers
QS36/ Licencing
1/ Minutes
QS36/2/ Alehouse Recognisance Books
QS36/3/ Brewster Sessions Papers
QS36/4/ Miscellaneous Papers
QS36/5/ Liceneing Compensation Authority/County Compensations Committee
QS37 Badgers and Drovers
QS38 Petitions and Memorials
QS39 General Purposes Committee
QS40/ Coroners
QS40/1/Coroners Districts
QS40/2/Fees and Salaries
Section III Statutory Enrolments and Registrations
QS43/ Oaths and Sacrament Certificates
QS43/1/Register of Oaths
QS43/2/Test Acts Oath Rolls
QS43/3/Rolls of Declarations Against Transubstantiation
QS43/4/Rolls of Declarations Not to Injure the Church
QS43/5/Sacrament Certificates
QS43/6/Miscellaneous Oaths
QS44/ Protestant Dissenters
QS44/1/ Registration Rolls of Meeting Houses
QS44/2/ Applications for Registration
QS44/3/ Returns of Registrations
QS44/4/ Certificates of Ministers
QS44/5/ Subscriptions to Thirty-Nine Articles
QS44/6/ Dissenters Oath Rolls
QS44/7/ Oaths by Ministers and Teachers
QS45/ Papists
QS45/1/ Registration of Papists' Estates
QS45/2/ Applications for Registration
QS45/3/ Warrants of Attorney
QS45/4/ Enrolments of Conveyances by Papists
QS45/5/ Claims to Papists' Estates
QS45/6/ Papists' Oath Rolls
QS45/7/ Registration of Chapels
QS45/8/ Registration of Members of R.C. Religious Orders
QS46/ Registrations Under the Game Laws
QS46/1/ Gamekeepers' Deputations
QS46/2/ Game Duty Registers
QS47/ Enclosure Awards
QS47/1/ Enrolments
QS47/2/ Other Quarter Sessions Awards
QS48/ Highways
QS48/1/ Stopping-Up and Diversion
QS48/2/ Roads on Parish Boundaries
QS48/3/ Completion of new Roads
QS49 Inland Navigation - Boats and Barges
QS50 Enrolments under Canal Acts
QS50/1/ Navigation Books
QS50/2/ Certificates
QS51 Friendly Societies
QS52 Freemasons
QS53 Scientific and Literary Societies
QS54 Printing Presses
QS55 Certificates of Conviction of Felons
QS56 Charitable Donations
QS57 Railway Certificates
QS58 Enrolled Deeds
Section IV Parliamentary Elections
QS61/ Poll Books
QS61/1 Manuscript Books used at Elections
QS61/2 Printed Books of County Elections
QS61/3 Printed Books of Borough Elections
QS62 Land Tax Assessments
QS63/ Electoral Lists
QS63/1 Parish Lists of Voters
QS63/2 Registers of Objections
QS63/3 Registers of Electors
QS64 Annuities
QS64/1 Register of Memorials
QS64/2 Original Memorials
QS65 Election Oaths
QS66 Miscellaneous Election Papers
Section V Militia and Armed Forces
QS67/ Militia Qualifications
QS67/1 Statements of Qualifications
QS67/2 Enrolments of Qualifications
QS67/3 Returns of Enrolments
QS68/ Militia Returns and Certificates
QS68/1 Returns of State of Militia
QS68/2 Certificates of Deficiencies
QS69/ Recruiting Acts of 1795 and 1796
Section VI Statutory Deposits
QS70/ Hair Powder Certificates
QS71/ Deposited Turnpike Road Plans
QS72/ Deposited Canal Plans
QS73/ Deposited Railway Plans
QS74/ Deposited Plans for Tramways and Light Railways
QS75/ Deposited Plans for Gas Undertakings
QS76/ Deposited Plans for Electricity Undertakings
QS77/ Deposited Plans for Water Undertakings
QS77/1 Proposed Works
QS77/2 Completed Works (pipes & underground works)
QS78/ Deposited Plans for Improvements
QS79/ Acts of Parliament
QS79/1/ Town Improvements and Public Utilities
QS79/2/ Railways
QS79/3/ Canals
QS79/4/ Turnpike Roads
QS79/5/ Bridges
QS79/6/ Enclosure (Leicestershire)
QS79/7/ Enclosure (Other Counties)
QS79/8/ Criminal Justice
QS79/9/ Miscellaneous
QS80 Parliamentary Bills and Minutes of Evidence
QS81/ Orders by Government Departments
QS81/1/ Tramways and Light Railways
QS81/2/ Gas
QS81/3/ Electricity
QS81/4/ Water
QS82/ Inquisitions before Sheriff or Coroner
QS82/1/ Before High Sheriff - Railways
QS82/2/ Before High Sheriff - Waterworks
QS82/3/ Before Coroner - Railways
QS83/ Accounts of Public Undertakings
QS83/1/ Midland Railway Co.
QS83/2/ Leicester Water Works
QS83/3/ Leicester Gas Co.
QS83/4/ Loughborough Gas Co.
QS83/5/ Melton Mowbray Local Board Cattle Market
QS84/ Lunacy
QS84/1/ Lunatic Asylum - Building Contract Books
QS84/2/ Returns of Pauper Lunatics
QS84/3/ Registers of Pauper Lunatics
QS85/ Summary Jurisdiction Convictions
QS85/1/ Conviction Certificates
QS85/2/ Registers of Convictions
QS85/3/ Convictions of Juvenile Offenders
QS85/4/ Convictions & Depositions for larceny
QS85/5/ Register of Convictions for larceny
QS86 Appointments of Sheriffs
QS87 Appointments of Deputy Coroners
QS88 Appointments of Poor Law Commissioners
QS89 Poor Law Union Orders
Section VII Parliamentary and Government Returns
QS93/ Poor Rate Returns
QS93//1 Returns to Home Office
QS93//2 Parochial Returns
QS94 Turnpike Returns
QS95/ Returns of Dissenters
QS95/1 Licensed Teachers and Meeting Places
QS95/2 Dissenting Sects
QS95/3 Licensed Chapels
QS96 Return of State of Timber
QS97 Magistrates' Returns
QS98 Returns of Juvenile Offenders
Section VIII Clerk of the Peace
QS101/ Fees and Accounts
QS101/1/ Tables of Fees to Clerk of Peace
QS101/2/ Tables of Fees to Justices' Clerks
QS101/3/ Wages of Justices of the Peace
QS101/4/ Clerk of Peace's Account Books
QS101/5/ Other Accounts of Fees
QS101/6/ Accounts of Court Allowances and Costs
QS101/7/ Other Accounts of Clerk of Peace
QS102 Legal Briefs
QS103 Clerk of Peace's Correspondence
QS104 Inventories of Quarter Sessions Records
QS105 Home Office Circulars
QS106/ Miscellaneous Papers of Clerk of Peace
QS106/1/ Acting as Clerk of the Peace
QS106/2/ Acting in other capacities
QS107/ Clerk of the Peace as Clerk to the Leicestershire and Rutland Lunatic Asylum
QS107/1/ Visiting Committee
QS107/2/ The Charity
QS108 Clerk of the Peace as Clerk to the Visiting Committee of Justices for the Prison
QS109 Clerk of the Peace as Clerk of the Leics & Rutland Combined Probation Committee.
QS110 Clerk of the Peace as Clerk of the Magistrates Courts Committee.
Section IX County Treasurer
QS111/ County Treasurer's Accounts
QS111/1/ General Account Books
QS111/2/ Other Account Books
QS111/3/ Printed Abstracts of Accounts
QS112 County Treasurer's Vouchers
QS113 Orders for Payment of Prosecution Costs.
Section X Miscellanea
QS114 Printed Rules, Orders and Acta of Quarter Sessions
QS115 Loyal Declarations 1819-1820
QS116 Constable of Leicester Castle
QS117/ Parliamentary Blue Books
QS117/1/ Census Returns
QS117/2/ Returns and Reports on the Poor Laws
QS117/3/ Other Returns and Reports
QS118 Miscellaneous Quarter Sessions Documents
SubjectAdministration of justice
Local government
Access StatusOpen
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